Auto Maintenance: Three Central Tips for Protecting Your Transmission

The cost of conducting transmission repairs can be extremely high. Therefore, you should keep this system in good working condition. Remember, if your transmission fails, you will not only need to plan for expensive repairs. You will also experience a lot of inconvenience during the period of breakdown. In addition, you might need to rebuild or replace the system. Here are some crucial tips to prevent transmission problems.

Monitor the Fluid

Checking the condition and level of your transmission fluid is not a complicated task. You will only need to find a few spare minutes to conduct the check-up. Moreover, special skills are not required for this process. In general, you will only need to pull out the transmission system dipstick while the engine is idling. Use a clean cloth to wipe the stick and insert it again. This process should help you determine the specific level of the fluid.

If the material is below the recommended mark, you should plan on checking the system for a leak. Leaks should be sealed immediately before topping up the lost fluid. When checking the fluid quantity, it is advisable to assess the condition of the oil. Dark-coloured and foul-smelling fluid should be changed. Replace the old material with the fluid recommended by the manufacturer. If your transmission is sealed, contact a car service centre for fluid checks.

Warm Up Before Driving

Poor practices in vehicle handling could be compromising your transmission system. For instance, one of the common habits which can cause the deterioration of the transmission components is driving the vehicle immediately after turning on the engine. In the right environment, this habit might not be harmful  However, if your vehicle was parked in a cold place, this action can be costly. Under ideal circumstances, you should warm up your car before driving it. The heat will cause the transmission fluid to be lighter and smoother, facilitating effective lubrication of the transmission. Consequently, the components will not wear out due to friction.

Avoid Strain

Your transmission system could deteriorate due to constant exposure to heavy workloads. Therefore, you should minimise the strain on your vehicle where possible. For instance, it is advisable to avoid unnecessarily towing trailers using your car. Heavy loads tend to cause stress and subsequent overheating of the transmission. As a result, the components become more prone to wear. You should also protect the transmission system from overheating by making sure that the cooling components in the automobile are working well.