A Guide On Heavy Haulage

Most people are impressed by heavy haulage convoys on the Australian roads. In most cases, they wonder what it takes to transport oversized loads. Well, below is an article detailing how heavy haulage drivers move equipment weighing thousands of tonnes across the various Australian cities. 

Initial Assessments

Once a customer or company hires a heavy haulage company, the company conducts initial assessments to determine if it can move the load from its current location to the intended destination. Typically, the weight, shape and dimensions of the items are the primary determinants when making this assessment. Usually, heavy haulage trucks can haul thousands of tonnes at a go. However, in some cases, the load is too high. As such, it would damage overhead bridges or power lines. On the other hand, if the load is too wide, the haulage truck could obstruct traffic since other vehicles cannot pass or overtake it. If this is the case, the haulage company assesses whether the load can be dismantled before transport and assembled at the site. The haulage company also secures oversized permits from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), state governments, and traffic police.  

Organising The Haulage Team

You will need a large team to organise heavy haulage. It consists of; 

  • Heavy haulage truck drivers. In most cases, these are drivers with years of experience driving vehicles carrying oversized loads.
  • Mechanics to prepare the haulage trucks and conduct regular servicing and inspections during haulage.
  • A reconnaissance team to investigate road conditions and advise on a suitable route.
  • Pilot car drivers direct the haulage truck and warn other road users of an unusual load.
  • The emergency crew responds to emergencies. It could include medics, a haulage truck on standby to take over if the primary truck breaks down and tow trucks to tow the haulage truck if it cannot navigate steep inclines.
  • Traffic police to redirect traffic in case of snarl-ups.  

Road Safety

Haulage companies take extreme measures to prevent accidents and traffic jams when transporting oversized loads. For example, they often transport oversized loads at night when the roads are clear. Besides, the convoy stops if there is a traffic build-up behind the haulage convoy or the oncoming lane. The pilot vehicles and haulage trucks have warning signs and lights to slow down incoming traffic. Besides, engineers inspect the load regularly to ensure it is secured in place. 

When transporting oversized loads, haulage companies conduct initial assessments, organise the haulage crew and initiate road safety measures. 

For more information on heavy haulage, contact a company near you.