Simple Methods of Car Roof Lining Replacement

As your car gets older, it is annoying to see a sagging car roof lining. But cars do not have to be old for the ceiling fabric to deteriorate. A faulty car roof lining replacement installation is an issue for both old and new vehicles. Either way, it is scary to think that your car roof liner could fall on your head anytime—especially when you are on a busy highway. There are temporary solutions to this, but it could be damaging. Here are simple tips that could help you:

Glue it Back

If the lining is only partially snagged, like it is only the edges that are falling, you can easily use glue and re-attach it yourself. You can use a headlining adhesive to ensure equal distribution of glue. There is no need to get a car roof lining replacement yet since this is only a minor issue. You can also completely remove the headlining panel, peel the fabric off and get rid of the glue. Then, use the headliner adhesive.

Use Double-Sided Tape

In case your lining is already loose and it is accessible from the inside, you can use a double-sided tape so you can stick it back. This is best when the edges are already sagging if the rear-view mirror mounting has separated.  

Use a Clear Twist Pin

Otherwise known as saggy steppers, clear twist pins are inexpensive and easy to use. This fixes the lining even if it is almost falling on your head. These pins won't damage the thin headline board because it does not cause a big hole. This is a greater option compared to tacks or glue because it will not cause any expensive problems. Clear twist pins are a lot cheaper than getting a car roof lining replacement and a lot easier to do.

Combine a Steam Cleaner and Paint Roller

A steam cleaner can be used for melting and moisturising the headliner glue. After that, get a paint roller and use it on the lining to make it flat and remove wrinkles. The steaming should not be overcome because the lining could burn or shrink. Although, if the glue in the lining has become too dry, this method might not work. You can either pay for a car roof lining replacement or try other simple hacks.

If you need further assistance with your headliner, contact local car roof lining replacement services. They'll have the tools you need to secure the headliner and ensure a safer driving experience.