Services to Look Out for in a Crane Rental Firm

Nothing beats the effectiveness of cranes when you need to lift heavy materials and machinery in a construction worksite. However, most firms prefer to hire cranes rather than buy especially if you consider the prohibitive cost of ownership of the equipment. Moreover, the amount of time and money spent on maintaining such big machines makes renting a better option than purchasing. However, while you agree that renting a crane is better than buying one, your choice of a rental firm matters a great deal. Not only do you get the best service by engaging the ideal service provider, but you also get an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with the rental firm. This article highlights some of the services to look out for in a crane hire firm.

Rigging Services

Working with cranes requires proper rigging techniques, and this is where experience comes in handy. When done correctly, rigging using a crane ensures safety and successful lifting of building materials and equipment. Therefore, it is essential to hire a rental firm that offers experienced riggers as part of the rental packages on offer. Such a firm will help you to save on additional costs that are incurred by employing riggers who are paid a daily rate. Besides, the service provider's team understands the crane better which will ensure smooth operations.

Free Safety Inspection

When renting a crane, it is crucial to understand that other firms have used the equipment in different worksites. Unfortunately, some clients don't bother to ask for historical service and maintenance records. While an external team can conduct a satisfactory inspection of a crane, it costs money. However, assessments that are arranged by rental firms are usually offered free of charge and can be done frequently. Besides, if you hire a state-of-the-art crane, then you want the inspection to be conducted by a team that understands the inner workings of any new crane technology.

In-House Logistics

As an ancillary service, in-house transportation service by a crane rental company is a better option than an external transportation service. Dealing with a firm that has an in-house logistics department ensures that you get everything under one roof. For instance, once the nitty-gritty of the crane rental contract is ironed out, the rental firm can start arranging for crane transportation even before the final agreement is made. Therefore, you save time by engaging a crane rental company that offers in-house transportation and logistics services.