Important Rules You Need to Follow When Thinking of Getting a Bull Bar

People get bull bars for different reasons, such as aesthetics, protection, mounting point etc. Regardless of your needs, there are various rules for bull bar installation you need to follow to ensure that you do not endanger yourself or other road users. These rules will be highlighted below.

You may have the option of a heavy-duty bull bar or a low-profile bull bar. Usually, the heavy-duty bull bar may be more suitable for larger vehicles that can support its weight but not light vehicles, and the low-profile bull bar can be used for either light vehicles or heavy vehicles.


When you are purchasing your bull bar, make sure it has been clearly marked by the manufacturer indicating the manufacturer's details, the model and make of the vehicles it should be fitted to and other details of what not to do to it that includes modifications.

If you do not see any markings from the manufacturer, try and avoid that bull bar. You do not want to find yourself in an accident, on the wrong side of the law or facing huge and avoidable penalties.

Protrusions, projections or sharp edges

If a bull bar has any projections, sharp edges or protrusions, there is a likelihood that it can get hooked onto something or someone. For example, it can hook to a loose wire or metal either when you are at high speed or low speed, and both can cause damage to your vehicle or cause an accident. It is required that the bull bar conforms to the shape of your vehicle. If it extends more than the width of the vehicle, that is not the right bull bar for that vehicle.

Bull bars that are also high in terms of height are not allowed. They will obviously block your forward view of the road. As a driver, there is a distance that you have to see in front of your car without obstruction.


If a bull bar obscures either your headlights or any other lighting, or your number plates, it is not suitable for your car. There are, however, modifications that can be done — for example, attaching the plates on the bull bar or having lighting attached to the bull bar. It is recommended to get a bull bar that you will not have to make modifications. Imagine a situation where the bull bar obscures your headlights, and all you are seeing is the bull bar shadow.

Generally, get a bull bar that is recommended or made specifically for the make and model of your vehicle.