Top Roof Rack Accessories Every Camper Needs

If you are an avid camper, you know the significant role a roof rack plays when it comes to packing camping materials. Not only are the best quality roof racks sturdy, but they are also well-engineered to withstand the rough off-road terrain. However, if you usually rent 4WD vehicles for your adventures but have recently bought a car, you can stillget the most from the car's roof rack. The reason is that you can easily accessorize the roof basket of a personal vehicle compared to rentals. Since you cannot fill the roof rack with every accessory you come across, here are some of the most essential.

Extensions -- Any camper knows that there is never enough space inside or on the roof of their truck. It is the reason why you have to go through everything you think you need to carry and only choose the essential supplies that fit the available space. However, what happens if you still have a few necessary supplies that you cannot afford to leave behind? Usually, the only option you have in such situations is to sacrifice some supplies. With roof basket extensions, however, you don't have to make such tough decisions. The extensions allow you to upgrade the carrying capacity of a standard roof rack instantly. Notably, it is vital to buy an extension that is compatible with your roof rack and made from the same sturdy material.

Stretch Net -- It is not enough to have a spacious roof rack if you have to struggle to keep your belongings secure. Unfortunately, this is what most campers go through since they have to use ropes to keep their belongings safe during travel. The good news is you can make the entire process a breeze with a stretch net. It is equipped with dual-sided hooks that can attach to the thickest or thinnest bar on the rack with relative ease. Furthermore, since a stretch net is made from elastic materials, it can fit in any roof rack size without compromising on the strength of the strands. All you have to do is throw the stretch net over a roof basket and attach the hooks in place.  

Axe/Shovel Brackets -- As mentioned previously, space is a luxury when off-road camping is concerned, and sometimes it is the smallest of items that take up valuable space. Since axes and shovels are mandatory for any camping trip, you cannot leave them behind and take something else. Therefore, if you want to create more space, ensure you buy axe/shovel brackets. The brackets attach to the outside of the roof rack and allow you to mount your axe or shovel. The fact that they occupy space outside of the basket means that you have extra space inside the roof rack.